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This elegant Jetflame lighter is one of the best cigar lighter with a punch that includes double cigar-punches with 6mm and 9mm diameter blades. Those blades suitable for any cigar size and will do well. The double cigar punch saves you from having multiple tools for one cigar.

 Cohiba Blue

This Cohiba Blue cigar is actually a new line extension to one of the world’s most famous brands - Cohiba. Medium body in strength, Cohiba Blue provides the palate with a natural tobacco sweetness and velvety smooth notes of cocoa, caramel, and cinnamon. with its fancy look, it makes it a great present for a college or a business partner.

World Best cigar Humidors – The best-rated Cigar Humidors

Humidors stores some of our most valued treasures. One of the most important issues surrounding cigars is the way we keep them in good condition and we will try to bring you the best-rated cigar humidors by reviewing those that raise the question of who makes the best cigar humidors. We also try to help you find the best price humidors that you can find.

One of the top cigar humidors – The look makes the difference

With its extraordinary design, it is defiantly one of the world best cigar humidors and for that everyone would love to have it. When we are talking about class and status this is what we meant. With the high quality of Spanish cedar wood with a nice metal smooth hinges that give it an even better high-class feel.

Exotic Wood Humidor by Giglio Asla

The best way to smoke a cigar is to do it with style. If you are looking for the bottom line than this exotic wooden humidor by Giglio Asla

is probably one of those good looking pieces. It is made from Spanish Cedar wood and crafted with elegance to provide it a luxurious look. It's humidifier system. 

Rocky Patel Black & Gol Limited Edition Cigar Cutter

 The classy cigar cutter made with a very sharp blade at Colbri, is one of those cutters that not only look good but also doing a great job. It is small but still good looking cutter that presents class. As a very stylish cutter, it feels great even when it lays down inside your pocket. It is one of those things we can not keep our fingers from. It is true that its main purpose is to cut or remove a portion of the cap, but if we can feel good while doing so then why not?

Cohiba Dominican cigars

This is one of the best Cohiba Dominican cigars. It is a  medium-bodied cigar that will go perfectly with a good drink. The Cohiba Corona features a smooth, creamy, flavorful taste that is quite impossible to forget. Unlike the Cohiba Cuban cigars this one is produced and crafted in the Dominican Republic which makes it the only legal Cohiba allowed in the USA. 

Macassar Ebony Synchro Cigar Cutter – Crédo

The Synchro Cigar Cutter from Credo offers the best of both a sharp guillotine and a very unique good looking instrument. It is a high quality and modern instrument that ensures a perfect cut. The blades close uniformly at the center of the opening and complete the cut by locking together automatically.

Smooth track Cigar Cutter

This high-tech designed cutter is sharp and quick. If we want our cigar to be smoked properly then we must make sure that not only it was kept in good condition but also that we are preparing it for a smoke in the right way. If the cigar is not sharp and quick then it might destroy our overall enjoyment.

AMANCY Cigar Humidor with Humidifier

It has a great PU leather covering it all around and giving it a great feeling when holding, a cover that gives a complete protection for its cedar wood that we have inside. However, there is one disadvantage in choosing that portable cigar humidor and its capacity. This cigar humidor can hold only up to 5 cigars at once. It may be very useful for a day or a weekend travel but not for more than that and definitely not for a long travel abroad.

IM Corona Double Corona Black Matte Gold Wheel

high-class lighter with a great patented dual-flame nozzle that produces wides flame. An outstanding quality and craftsmanship made by Corona with a very smooth flickering of the wheel. The dual flame is pretty awesome that makes it especially useful for bigger ring cigars.