Premium La Cubana Cigar Humidor. One of the best cigar humidor.

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Premium La Cubana Cigar Humidor

Product: Premium La Cubana Cigar Humidor

Price: $139 

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Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.9 x 4.2 inches


A perfect cigar humidor for the office or even to the board room. Simple, classic and not a big one but still one of the cheap humidors. One of those simple things that make it look exclusive and luxurious. Was designed with style and comfort and its faux leather exterior makes it look even more exclusive. As being one of the best cigar humidors you will find this product constantly being covered at the different cigar humidor reviews.  It is a portable humidor. The hygrometer is conveniently placed on the exterior so you can always keep track of the interior humidity. This humidifier keeps cigars safely stored and perfectly preserved for a long time. However, even though it is a high-end cigar humidor you can still find it at a great price. it will perfectly maintain the aroma and the ideal humidity of your cigar collection. I would use this humidor for one brand with one line of cigars. It is a small box and if one will place it in an office than you might want to have the same blend of the cigar throughout all times you spend at the office. However, if it is for a travel use as a portable humidor than you might consider keeping different brands and blends of cigars for different events and occasions. Our conclusion is obvious. It is a good looking and at a good quality and still rated as one the cheap humidors you can find online.



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