Why to look for Cuban Cigars Sale online

Cuban cigars online  vs  Best cigar deals online

What should we look for?

Naturally, we all want things we cannot have. It is true with all type of things and feelings and it is also true as far as we are talking about Cigars, but mainly Cuban Cigars.

Searching for best cigar deals online is a common search for cigar smokers. On the other hand, since the cold war, Cuban cigars sale online became an underground activity, especially in the US.

So it will not be wrong to say that part of the halo surrounding the Cuban Cigars sale online is simply because of the lack of its availability on the market. Don’t  miss understand me, some of my favored cigars are Cubans.  Sometimes I find some great Cuban cigars sale and I`m not thinking twice. However, the lack of availability during the long years of the cold relationship between the U.S. and Cuba does not mean that there are no good Caribbean Conditions to grow up some of the finest tobacco we have.

Up until the beginning of the 60`s most of the premium cigar tobacco came from Cuba. The high demand for good quality cigars and the bad relationship between North American countries and Cuba, brought others, such as the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Colombia, to start growing premium tobacco.

The Davidoff Nicaragua is a great, beautiful, elegant mild- to medium-bodied blend Nicaraguan cigar of locally grown filler and binder leaves. That is a great example of how the political situation that brought Nicaragua to be at the top level together with the great Cuban cigars.

So there are three main differences between the typical Cuban Cigar and the rest of the Caribbean`s  Cigar. Soil, Quality Control and the way the cigar was Rolled.


By smelling the tobacco leaf, experts can tell a whole story about the plant it came from. The tobacco leaf is prized by its texture, oiliness, color and most important its aroma, from the soil and of climate conditions. As in nature, if you eat a carrot your face might become a bit orange, then the very same rule apply to tobacco. A light colored soil will, in most cases, produce a brighter colored tobacco leafs, while a darker soil will darken them.

Because tobacco sucks its flavor from its soil and because no other place or island have the exact same soil, the Cuban taste can not be found elsewhere. Of cures, it doesn't mean necessarily that they are the best. However, they are most definitely unique and different. A good cigar is a matter of taste, flavor and personal preferences.

There are several reasons why Cuban Cigars are to be considered as the best Cigars on the market. The most famous Cuban Cigars are blended from different tobacco leafs that are grown in different parts of the country. The Cuban tobacco fillers usually come from the volcanic soil at Vuelto Abajo region. The special soil creates a very rich, spicy and very sweet taste.  

It is difficult to achieve the exact same aroma and flavor as the conditions in the Nicaragua inland are slightly different from the volcanic soil and climate on the island. Climate conditions are not just about temperature. It is also about the wind and the percentage of moisture in the air.

Cohiba is produced and crafted in the Dominican Republic, which makes it the only legal Cohiba allowed in the USA. This cigar is the result of five years of intense research and study. These blenders wanted to make a perfect replica of the original Cuban Cohiba, and have done it just perfectly.

Quality Control

The fact that Cuba is still a communist country affects, its cigar industry and the Cuban cigars sale online, both ways. At the one hand, it enforces a tight quality control but on the other hand its lack of new technologies and lack of funding new researchers pulling the Cuban industry backward on the global platform. New technologies combined with the latest equipment and laboratories helps growers to bring the right color, aroma, texture and flavor to their plants. A better quality control basically means that the smoker knows what he gets when he chooses a specific brand or blend.

Cuban cigars are made from hight quality materials and the whole industry is under a direct governmental regulation that serves as a product quality control that ensures not only the tobacco quality but also makes sure that every cigar leaving the factory is well made and properly rolled. The Cuban government is doing everything they can to maintain its high reputation.

Try the  Classic New Age Cigar Sampler  These cigars haven't been around for as long as others but they have sure left an impression on all who have smoked them. Try some of the new classic's and enjoy a rich taste of amazing cigars.

 The way the Cigar was rolled

 It seems that we all prefer a handmade and rolled cigar. Even though there is nothing like a quality expert hand roll, machine rolled cigar has its advantages. Machine rolled cigar usually will not use a complete one leaf for the cigar`s filler. Rather those cigars will contain small parts of different leaf that will result in three advantages.

The first is that all cigars have the same structure and construed in a very same way.

Secondly. The fact that it uses the small tears of leafs means that it will be possible to get a very specific and unique blend of tobacco and to get more exact flavors.

Lastly, using small tears of the leaf means more dried leaf and more air flowing through the cigar between those small tears. Dried leaf and more air flow will make the cigar hotter and smoking will finish faster. A hand rolling cigars uses the whole oily leaf that allowed less air flow through the smoke that makes the smoking experience cooler. Simply look for a good Cuban cigars sale online and enjoy.

However, it does not really matter if you love smoking cigars or not, you will enjoy watching them work and roll as it is considered to be an artistic piece of work for a good reason.

7 thoughts on “Why to look for Cuban Cigars Sale online

  1. I had no idea that cigars had different flavors. I am not a cigar smoker, however watching them be rolled definitely does sound like something that would be an interesting show.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the great information on the world famous Cuban Cigars. I always wondered what makes a Cuban Cigar the best and was glad I found your article.
    I did not realize that the soil the tobacco grows in plays a big part in the taste and color of the tobacco but I see how that makes sense.
    What is the best place to buy quality cigars online?

    1. Hi Mitch. Well, soil plays a big part and controlls its flavor. Experts will be able to tell you what the origin of the filler leaf by smoking it.

      Keep visiting us at Best-Cigars-Online.com and soon we will bring our monthly reviews and recomandations so it will be easier for our readers to choose the right cigar for the right event.

  3. Thank you for some information on the Cuban Cigar. I did not know any of that. I have not had a cuban cigar before but I have had Dominican and many others. This makes me want to try one just so I can see what you are talking about in regards to the different techniques that you discussed. Thanks for the information I look forward to the experience.

    1. As I said, it is all about your personal taste, so I hope you will enjoy. Soon we will make your life easier and we will try to bring you some of out favorites so come back and visit us again in the near future.

  4. This is a very interesting article, especially considering the fact that I used to smoke cigars for a number of years. We had a cigar club where I worked and purchased them from the Thompson Cigar Company. Certainly NOT Cubans.

    I very much enjoyed the information you have provided here. I have received a bit of an education today in reading your post. I believe anyone interested in cigars will find this post very helpful and informative.

    Do you plan to write anything in the future about pipe tobaccos? That is my current interest. I would be interested to hear what you might have to say on that subject.

    1. Thank you, Frank, for your kind words. I am glad that the article educated you in some way. Of curse, we will get to pipe tobacco as well but before that, we intend to publish more articles covering all about cigars and even will bring to our readers our monthly recommendations. Soon we will extend to cover pipe tobaccos and pipe accessories as well.

      Thank you

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