Searching for the Best Cigar Deals Online?

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Best cigar deals online - where to start?

Basics about Cigars


Smoking a good cigar is a matter of class and status. Choosing a good cigar can be a tricky one. If we are not cigar smokers than we might look for the best brands on the market, the brands that we usually see on movies or simply look for the best cigar deals online.

However, a good cigar can differ from one to another just like a good cup of coffee. It is all about the taste, and for that, we have to understand what and how makes the difference from one cigar to another. Our recommendation to you, if you are not sure what cigar you want, is to simply try few of them. There are plenty of great deals that allow you to taste few of them in the very same box.

5 things we must check 

The Appearance and Construction of the cigar and its Flavor, and the three layers of tobacco, the Filler, Binder, and Wrapper.
1. Appearance and Construction

What is "a well constructed" Cigar?

It goes on the thin line that runs between spongy and solid. A well-constructed cigar is a matter of preference. However, you do not want to have it too spongy. Apart from having quality tobacco, it must be assembled properly with proper filling consistency.

The well-constructed cigar will light and burn evenly.

2. Flavor

While deciding whether a specific brand was mild, medium or full is an easy one, choosing the right flavor we like can be a tricky one. Personally, I prefer a cigar that has many flavors rather than a mono-flavored throughout the whole smoke. It is all about your personal preference really but even our own preferences are kept on changing during the week (cigar for the office and cigar for the weekend pool party) or even during the day (cigar for a board meeting or for business dinner).

Flavor is influenced mainly by the three main layers - Filler, Binder, and Wrapper. However, each layer flavor is determined by the origin of the tobacco leaf. The tobacco leaf flavor is the reflection of the soil and climate conditions in which it is grown, therefore two different fields will never produce tobacco of the exact same flavor.

3. Filler

It is the heart of the cigar. The Filler layers take dominance over the blend of the cigar and influences on its flavor. Each leaf in a cigar makes a big impact on the cigar as a whole. Most famous brands use a different kind of tobacco in order to get a specific brand.



The filler is not only rolled with a different plant from different regions but also made from different parts of the plant itself. Top (Lingero), Meddle (Seco) and bottom (Volado) of the plant. The Lingero should be strong and stable while the Seco and the Volado should be dry and makes the cigar burn smoothly and evenly. If one will make a cigar out of the Volado only then it will burn super fast. At the same time if he will make a cigar using the Lingero leafs only then he should expect a very strong cigar that will burn real slow. Basically, there are two things that bring the cigar to a premium level. Hand roll and the Filler origin and combination.

Apart from location, there is another major difference between fillers. there are long fillers and short fillers. Long filler means that the leafs in the filler layers are whole leafs rolled by hand while short fillers are made up from small pieces of tobacco and are machine made. A cigar made by long leafs is more oily and will burn slower. The most famous Cuban Cigars are blended from different tobacco leafs that are grown in different parts of the country. The Cuban tobacco fillers usually come from the volcanic soil at Vuelto Abajo region. That special soil creates a very rich, spicy and very sweet taste.The filler must be packed evenly.


The leaf comes from the top part of the plant and influences the cigar`s flavor strongly. However, lingero is not a taste. it is the name of the top part of the plant and there for different plants that are grown in different locations will produce a different taste. 


Comes from the middle part of the tobacco plant. Helps to reduce the influence of the Lingero leaf and makes the cigar more mild flavor. 


The Volado gets the lowest amount of sunlight and therefore less oily and burns faster. All it does is making sure that the whole cigar is burning properly and evenly. A cigar with no Volado in its filler will not burn and will frustrate the smoker.

4. Binder

The Binder Layer takes control over the shape and sponginess of the cigar. The binder is essential for holding the filler layers together and in place.  While the Filler and the Wrapper layers are determining the blend and flavor of the cigar. It is the binder that compresses the filler together and creating a smooth and clean surface for the wrapper leaf. The Binder and the Wrapper layers will determine whether we will enjoy the whole smoking experience or only its flavor. 

5. Wrapper

Most cigars take their flavor from the wrapper leaf layer. The wrapper is usually the most expensive leaf to grow in the whole cigar as it must be grown in shade and must be monetized to make sure it is not getting too thick. A good wrapper must be smooth with very few veins.

Wrappers usually determine the cigar's unique character and flavor. There is seven common classification recognized by color difference. While Double Carlo and Carlo are the lightest the Maduro and Oscuro presents the darker leafs. It is because of the wrapper leaf we usually get the country of origin as part of the cigar's brand name. As said before, different climate, soil, and sunlight take a major role in determining the tobacco flavor and sweetness. 

So, before searching for the best cigar deals online, if I can make your life easier than the most important rule to remember is that there are no rules!!!
Try different cigars with your food and drink and see if it goes well together.
Just like Wine.

21 thoughts on “Searching for the Best Cigar Deals Online?

  1. I always enjoyed a cigar while relaxing on a vacation. It’s simply too costly to have one everyday to me. I didn’t realize there are so much to understand to choosing a good cigar, I always thought that most cigars are the same. Flavor is one of the key determinant for me to try out the cigar, there are various fruity and chocolate flavors nowadays but I feel that a traditional Cigar is still the best for taste.

    1. Yes Leo. i completly agree with you. It is about the taste, your taste. But understanding the different blends and what you should expect to get from each of those blends will make your next experience a better one as you will target your taste better.

  2. I’m not a big cigar smoker but will smoke it on like special occasions or what not. I think if you smoke a cigar, you need to find the right one that will get you good. I like how you discussed about the certain flavors and the appearance of the cigar and that is definitely important. I was also able to watch how cigars were made on your site and I think that was pretty cool. Well done!

    1. Thenk you Martin. I really hoped that some basics regarding Cigars will help someone like you, who somoks only at special occasions, to understand better what kind of cigar you want to smoke at that event. As I wrote, there are planty of different blends for the cigar filler and each will give you a different experience. However, dont forget the wrapper!!!

  3. I do love a good cigar, I’ve always wondered how they’re made – thanks for your in-depth explanation. I usually just buy from the shop down the street, they guy there seems pretty knowledgeable and is able to find what I want even with my vague description. Are there any extra considerations that need to be made when buying online?

    1. Hi Shirly. I hope i gave you at least the basic considerations you should take into acount once deciding picking the cigar you want. The advantage of searching for the best cigar deals online is because you will not be able to get a big range of belnds and flavors over there. Onilne you can get almost if not all brands, blends and flavors. Usually at a lower cost.

  4. I have a friend of mine at work that is crazy about cigars, and so I decided to research it. Thanks for sharing the basics! I learned alot on this blog, as far as how a cigar is created and where it comes from. Interesting to learn the several components that make up a cigar. Hmmm, I think I will enjoy shopping for my next cigar.


    1. Hi Jonathan. I am happy to know that i helped you understand the basic differences between the big variety of cigars. If you are not a cigar smoker but going to look for a good cigsr, i want to recomend you to go into Articles at the top of the page as you will be able to fined an article about pairing cigars and drinks.

      good luck

  5. Classic senses for a classic kind of man.
    Classic for a woman if she is French. Honestly there really is nothing more relaxing than a cigar. I really like your catalogues and selection. You go into so much detail about the leaf that I know I can trust you when I ask, “which one would you suggest I sample?”
    I do believe I would try the Volado. It is dark and husky when in the wild so I can only imagine it will fill my room with a haze that can only bolster my imaginative flow. Simply Brilliant.
    A show stopper of an attraction.

    1. Well said. Sooner than later we will concentrate on some heavy recommendations that as you wrote: “will fill the room with a haze that…..”

      good luck and visit us again at

  6. Hi

    Great Information on some of the basics of cigars. I actually worked at a resort where we sold a lot of cigars for weddings last summer.

    I didn’t really have a lot of knowledge of them so your Inforamtion is welcoming. It is amazing how popular they actually are at weddings and people don’t mind spending the money for a good one.

    I look forward to some of your future posts.


  7. Thank you for this awesome review about what to look for when choosing a cigar.

    I was really interested how to choose one. I did not really know a lot about it but know I have some kind of knowledge thanks to you.

    I have recently tried one at a family party and would like to do it regularly. I have seen on of your post about what drink during smoking a cigar it was awesome.

    Thank you for the knowledge.

    Keep up the good work

    1. Thank you for visiting our site. We are about to bring some recommendations as well so stay around and visit us soon again.

  8. Very interesting page. My dad has smoked cigars his whole life and i did not know anything about them, apart from the smell the ones he smoked gave off. Your information was clear and short and kept me interested. I did notice one or to little grammar errors but it happen to us all. good site though keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you, Lindsay. To a noncigar smoker they are all look and smell the same I guess. However, experts are able to tell you almost everything about it by its smell only.

  9. For me, cigars have always been the perfect way to celebrate a significant moment in life. When my friend has his first child, we smoked a cigar. When we got back from a brutal 1-year deployment to Afghanistan, we smoked some cigars. When my business becomes profitable, i’ll smoke a cigar. Thanks to you i now have a much better understanding of cigars. I used to look at cigars as a simple 3 part object. The tobacco, the wrap, and the band. Clearly, that’s not the case. It truly amazes me how much goes into something as seemingly simple as a cigar. Another characteristic that i will be on the look for is the flavors. For a while i looked at all cigars in the same way and the same consistent flavor. That’s not the case. But i have gotten older and am now far more informed. The same thing used to happen to me when it came to high-end scotch. One night a good friend of mine opened up his collection to us and went full throttle by busting out a nice Balvenie 21-year. He looked at me like i was crazy because i simply slammed the glass and enjoyed the burn and buzz. He said,”pay attention to the way it touches your pallet and look for the true after taste. Thank you very much for this very informative article. Thanks to you the world of cigars has truly opened up for me. Have a great day!

  10. I enjoyed the article, and it renewed my interest in cigars. When I lived in Washington DC, there was a famous restaurant (to go unnamed) that had a secret supply of Cuban cigars, and if you knew how to ask and who to ask, you could get a cigar at the end of your meal. I used to really like the experience of a good cigar at the end of a great meal.
    I don’t think I’ve ever read so clear a description of the 3 different leaves and how they affect the burn and taste of a cigar. That was great. Thanks.
    Also thanks for a great article that is good for beginners and others, like me, that have forgotten the delights of having a good cigar

    1. When searching for the best cigar for beginners, and choosing your first cigar your choice should take into consideration the fact that it is your first time and you should, therefore, aim to a good smoking experience. It is obvious that things we like or dislike in most cases will be determined by our first experience, isn’t it?

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