How to light a Cigar

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 Cigars can be a bit tricky to light especially if you never held one before in your life. It is completely different than simply lighting a cigarette. They are larger in size, both length and thickness, they are wrapped more tightly than regular cigarettes. You should know how to light it up as you must apply some extra effort in order to correctly light one. For sure you want to avoid any embarrassing situations. The question we are going to deal with this time is how to light a cigar.


So what type of a lighter should we use for lighting up our cigar? 


There are many types of lighters we can use, from wooden matches to torch lighters but in no way, you are going to use any of the petrol-based lighters. Using such lighters we overcome the cigar and will destroy all the good things you were waiting for. You will simply lose the taste of the cigar.  

When using wooden matches make sure that you first burn completely the match head before starting to light your cigar as you don't want to inhale a sulfur taste. At any case make sure you have few matches ready with you as in most cases you are going to use more than one.

The next thing we will have to do now is the fun part. Hold the cigar at a 45-degree angle and place the lighter flame at about nail size distanced from the bottom of the cigar. Now comes the fun part. slowly start rotating the cigar with your holding fingers and toast the cigar until it lights.


Place the cigar in your mouth when it begins to smolder. toasting the cigar for few moments and it will begin to smoke. Keep the cigar close to the flame and take short puffs. Keep on doing so while rotating the cigar around until the tip of the cigar is glowing. Make sure that while doing so you are fixing uneven burns of the tip. If you face difficulties in making the burn even using that method you can always "help" it by using the lighter by holding on top of the flame and burn the uneven sections. 

If you achieved all of that then all you will have to do now is to use the shallow puff and enjoy your cigar.

If you achieved all of that then all you will have to do now
is to use the shallow puff and enjoy your cigar.

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