How to choose the right Cigar Cutter

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 A cigar cutter is a must-have tool in your arsenal of accessories. It is the ultimate man’s tool when it comes to cigar smoking. When it comes to cigar cutters than it is all about a quick and accurate cut for the perfect draw. We want to maximize the overall enjoyment and experience by executing a precise cut. Basically, that's all we need!

Once we have chosen the cigar we want to smoke we now need to employ the services of a Cutter. We can choose the perfect cigar and even invest in it a lot of money and then destroy it all by cutting improperly the cigar cap. The method we use in order to clip our cigar can make a significant difference in the intensity of the smoke and the flow of air through it. That influences dramatically on the concentration of the smoke and the flavors you pull through the cigar.

A lot of the heavy full bodied cigar smokers will prefer the small tiny eye shape or V shape cuts that will result with a big blast of flavor. However, there is no “correct” way to cut a cigar, and it’s simply a matter of personal preference but differences between the different style of cut can make a big difference. There is no doubt that there are two main factors that influence the cut the most. the first is the sharpness of the riser. It looks like it is obvious that it should be sharp but with experiencing different cigar cutter over the time I found out that not all of them are shaped as needed. quite disappointing isn't it? 


There is no doubt that there are two main factors that influence the cut the most. The first is the sharpness of the riser. You are searching for a fine Cigar, you pay a lot for it and waiting for it to arrive, and then with one wrong movement or worse - with a bad none sharped blades you destroy everything you have been waiting for. Frustrating!!!

The second factor that we should consider the most when looking to find our fine cutter is whether it has one or two blades. two blades are preferable as it executes a clean sharp cut compare to the one blade cuts. Using one blade requires experience with good cutting technic that not everyone can. The double-bladed guillotine helps to deliver a cleaner cut on the cigar, and the cutter itself is easily transportable. So if we want to conclude that then there is no question, a double blade will work better for us. I am not sure why but I guess it is because that there is less compression when two blades work at opposing angles, and less compression means better draw. A simple common sense. Bottom line it cuts better than a single blade cutter.

But as important the quality of the blades may be, when I'm looking for a new cigar cutter I always look for something stylish or unique. Something that will give me that good feeling when holding it and will look good. We said many times that cigar smoking is not just about the smoking itself only. It is also about style and class and the cigar cutters are no exception to that. Exactly as we care about how our humidor will look like and not just what type of humidifier system it contains, we care about the look and the feel of our cigar cutters. Only after I have chosen my cigar cutter I will check its blades to see if they are sharp enough. not before. 

So to conclude all of that, we have five main ways of cutting a cigar. Most of us will use a guillotine cutter or the double blade cutter. The first is designed to cut off the cup while the second will provide a more precise cut. The bullet punch cutters will simply cut a clean small hole on the head of the cigar. In most cases, a single punch will not do. we will need to punch it around the cut in order for us to get the right cut we desired. 

The fourth way to cut the cigars cup is by using the special cigar scissors. like the double blade cigar cutter, it is designed to cut off the cigars cup. Most of those scissors are light weighted and small in size. 

No matter the cutter you choose to use at all times try to cut the cigar below the cap. There is no need to cut a specific amount off or anything like that. As we say consistently here at it all comes down to your personal preference. What you are really doing is basically controlling how much air will go through your cigar.

Cutting the cup of a cigar is not a rocket science. It is true that you will need some skills and some experience if you want to do it the right way, so choosing the right cigar cutter will help you overcome the lack of experience. Try the different cuts on your day to day cigars and experience the difference. Try technics and cutters that you normally don't use and taste if it makes any difference in the flavor and the intensity of your cigar.

2 thoughts on “How to choose the right Cigar Cutter

  1. I did not realize that the way you cut a cigar affects the taste and experience of it. I have seen my husband use a dull cutter and get very frustrated by it. I think he might like the idea of the scissor-style cutter. What happens if you do not cut your cigar?

    1. Hi Dani

      I think that your husband should go with the double blade guillotine cutter, that will work better for him. better than the scissors. 

      Dani, you should cut only a small part of the cap and we are doing so to allow a flow of air through the cigar.

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