How to Pair Cigars and Alcohol

What drink should we have with our cigar?

 It is more complicated than simply looking for the best cigar deals online!

Sometimes one might find himself at a loss when trying to pair drinks with cigars. When getting confused he is starting to look for the brand names of famous Cuban cigars sale online that he heard of or even doing the common mistake by only searching for the best cigar deals online. So how to pair cigars and alcohol is the question we are about to deal with here.

As it is all a matter of taste all you need to have, in order to start your journey, are some basic hints that will help you on your way to your PPP, Preferred Personal Pairing.



Basically, before searching for the best cigars deals online there are certain rules that we should follow that may help us in choosing the right combination that will suit us.  However, it is all about personal preferences. You will not find any straight forward answer to this question of how to pair cigars and alcohol, so don't rush to search for Cuban cigars sale online. For example, after heavy meals, it is very common to drink Cognac and so, therefore, mild cigars should and will work well. 



A great mild cigar to go with your drink is the Cassano 18 now at a great price.

First Hint

You should make sure that the cigar will not overcome the spirit. You are having a special drink and you don’t want to lose the taste of it. It is very important that none of both, the drink and the cigar will dominate one over the other. Some of the classic drinks that pair very good cigars and drinks can be found at the different combinations of single malt whiskey, a variety of different ports cognac and rum. Therefore cigar usually will not go well together with white spirits such as vodka or gin.

You should find the right drinks that will enhance the flavor of a mild cigar, rather than being overpowered by full flavored tobacco combination. Sometimes you will choose your pairing based on your third partner, your dinner. The type of dinner will determine the drink you are having and according to that, it will be easy to pair your cigar with it.

If you are not sure what to choose then go the easy way and get a box with an excellent variety of mild cigars to start with. Our recommendation will be the  Montecristo Sampler

Second Hint

Match between the two. The stronger you drink is the heavier the cigar should be. A strong blend that will put the drink taste in proportion. 

White wines or blended whiskeys will be paired perfectly with light mild cigars, while medium cigar will pair well with some of the Irish whiskeys, different kind of rums such as Araque and variety of ports. The traditional classical drink to have with a nice cigar is our friend the Hard Liquor. It is probably the light sweetness of the liquor combined with the cigar flavor and aroma that rolls well in the mouth.


As far as we are thinking about beers than the rule should be very simple: The darker the beer the darker the cigar should be.

For Medium bodied cigar sampler try the Best of Altadis. In that sampler, you get a great collection RyJ Churchill, Montecristo, Reserva Real Toro, Sun Grown Churchill and Montecristo Relentless Toro.

Third Hint

Which one do you prefer?

Are we here because of the drink or because of the cigar? who came first and who I prefer better at that specific event. Just don't forget and keep it in your mind that stronger alcohol holds up very well with full flavored cigars, but this very same strong cigar will overpower a light drink, such as a margarita or even a light beer and light scotch.

There are occasions where we are having a great special drink but as cigar smokers, we cannot or don’t want to put the cigar aside. The big question is what should we do? The answer is to go with a lighter cigar that will let us enjoy the special drink and still be there to enhance its flavor.


The  TOP RATED ROCKY PATEL PAIRING  is a good recommendation to start with a  mild to medium-bodied cigars and at an affordable price.  Experience all 10 luxurious sizes while you discover the rich, sweet and creamy taste in these remarkably consistent cigars that can be enjoyed any time of day.

What can I say, try to find the right drink that will enhance the flavor of your preferred cigar, and not be overpowered by it!

10 thoughts on “How to Pair Cigars and Alcohol

  1. This puts things in to much better perspective! My dad is really into his whiskey… Especially in the evening after dinner. He’s also getting into cigars, and trying out different ones. I was looking into getting his some for his birthday, to kick of his new habit right! 😀 So now I know to look for darker cigars – Thanks!

  2. I enjoy an occasional scotch whisky in the evening after a meal. I’ve not tried a cigar so I would probably try a light mild cigar as an introduction. Would you say this is the best type of cigar for a newbie?

    I don’t want a cigar that overwhelms the taste of the whisky. My favourite evening drink is Glenfiddich Single Malt.

    1. Hi Jay. You are completly right. If you consider yourself as a newbie than the best Cigar to go with your scotch whisky should be something that will not overcome you drink. However there are planty of good choices for you so come back and visit us again as soon we will bring some of our recomandations.

  3. Wow thank you for this informative post.

    My father loves cigar and I have tried it a couple times. So I was interested if there is something on the internet where I can find the best drinks for cigar.

    Thank you for letting me know what to drink next time.

    Keep up the good work

    1. Hi Albert

      It is about the pairing, not only a question of what cigar should we choose for our drink or what kind of drink should we have with our cigar. It is the combination of both.

  4. I’m not a cigar or alcohol kind of guy, but my friend who lives in France certainly is. He’s a 6’8″ gentle French giant and I reckon we could say that he collects cigars. He travels extensively and wherever he goes he has to return with the cigars made in that neck of the woods. Loves nothing better than to sit (preferably outside) and smoke a cigar with a little glass of something. His eyes even seem to glaze over 🙂 This is an excellent website and I will certainly be passing it across to the mighty Frenchman.

    1. Thank you for the compliments, Roy.  If you ever thought about enjoying the experience of a nice drink together with a good cigar (preferably outside) then I will recommend you to check out the great samples available at our recommendation section at

      However, if you ever thought about getting a nice present to a cigar smoker than look for something that is heavier like those at

  5. I love the taste of cigars with a whiskey yet my better half might not want to know me after i had one, whether i go outside and come back in she doesn’t care for the odor any advice on how to not let it get in your clothes and hands?

    1. Well what can I say Deano, I guess the smell it part of the game as we say. However. there are few tricks to make things a bit better and you just gave me an idea to write about.

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