Exotic Wood Humidor by Giglio Asla

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Product: Exotic Wood Humidor by Giglio Asla

Price: $1,200.00 + $9.71 shipping (limited time only)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Cigar Manor

Product Dimensions: Length: 14.50 inch; Width: 10.75 inch; Height: 5.50 inch

Hygrometer: Included; Divider: Included

The best way to smoke a cigar is to do it with style. If you are looking for the bottom line than this exotic wooden humidor by Giglio Asla

is probably one of those good looking pieces. It is made from Spanish Cedar wood and crafted with elegance to provide it a luxurious look. It's humidifier system. 


At  Giglio Asla’s products are distinguished with hundreds of tiny pieces of wood, That creates a box from the best of the best of wood materials there is. It is truly an amazing humidor and highly recommended as it answered it both, good humidification system that keeps cigars alive for a long time and brings style to your office or even to your living room. The humidor includes 1 divider for placing different cigar sizes and to be able to separate different brands. DDon'tforget, too much moisture will make your cigars explode when smoking them. you don't want that to happen. A good humidifier system will make sure that this will not happen. It will keep the moist level at the exact percentage for all times.


So go ahead and check out this wonderful humidor and let us know what you think.

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