Day to day Mild Cigars

Don Diego Babies

A medium blended cigar with sweet notes of spice and lavender.

Cuesta Rey Centenario Aristocrat

mild to medium-bodied premium cigar

Licenciados Aniversario Churchill

a medium-to-full bodied cigar made of Honduran wrapper.

At Mikie`s Cigars, you can find a great variety of mild cigar brands. The Macanudo Gold Label is a great mild with natural sweetness and great aromas.


If you are looking for something lighter than the Java Latte is a very smooth traditional Nicaraguan cigar.


To go heavier a bit, but just a bit then you should try the Baccarat. They are made in Honduras from a mix of unique tobacco leaves from The Valley of Ranchos Jamastran in Honduras, that generates fantastic blends.

At Famous Smoke you can find the Casano 18 for a rich and creamy medium-bodied smoke.


If you are a beginner then you should consider the Montecristo Sampler for a great variety of strength, flavor, wrappers, shapes, and sizes. 


However, the Coffee Closeout Sampler is a collection of a medium-bodied array of coffee-flavored cigars and should be great for that first smoke of the day.