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Cohiba Corona

Product: Cohiba Corona

Price: $375

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This is one of the best Cohiba Dominican cigars. It is a  medium-bodied cigar that will go perfectly with a good drink. The Cohiba Corona features a smooth, creamy, flavorful taste that is quite impossible to forget. Unlike the Cohiba Cuban cigars this one is produced and crafted in the Dominican Republic which makes it the only legal Cohiba allowed in the USA. A long study with intense research was made in order to replicate the original Cuban Cohiba. It took years of patience, research and development to bring it to perfection and eventually, patience paid off. Some may say that the replica overcame the original by producing a better cigar.

 The tobacco comes with a special combination that arrived at us from different countries and different parts of the world. It is rolled with a Dominican Republic Cuban-seed fillers holds by exceptional Indonesian binders and dressed in a rich, wholesome and spicy African-Cameroon wrappers. It creates a very rich and complex profile with a wonderful flow of air through the whole cigar. 

with the Coiba Corona, you can not go wrong, trust me as you will not be sorry! 

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