Cigar Samplers

If you are a beginner then you should consider the Montecristo Sampler for a great variety of strength, flavor, wrappers, shapes, and sizes.

However, the Coffee Closeout Sampler is a collection of a medium-bodied array of coffee-flavored cigars and should be great for that first smoke of the day.

The Aging Room Rocky Patel Cigar Sampler is a High-quality medium-bodied collection of cigars at a reasonable price.

These Ultra Premium Cigar Sampler have won awards and recognition from the top Cigar Aficionados worldwide for their taste, richness, and smoothness. These cigars are a step above the rest, crafted with only the best tobacco and under the highest quality control standards.

This Best of the Best Cigar Sampler is truly some of the best of the best. No much to say.

Straight over from Havana, Cuba, the Ultimate Cuban Torpedo Cigar Sampler packed full of Cuban brand cigars