How to light a Cigar

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 Cigars can be a bit tricky to light especially if you never held one before in your life. It is completely different than simply lighting a cigarette. They are larger in size, both length and thickness, they are wrapped more tightly than regular cigarettes. You should know how to light it up as you must apply some extra effort in order to correctly light one. For sure you want to avoid any embarrassing situations. The question we are going to deal with this time is how to light a cigar.   So what type of a lighter should we use for lighting up our cigar?   

Cohiba Blue Cigars

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Product: Cohiba Blue Price: $143 Cheapest Place to Buy: Mikes cigars Extras: Box of 20 This Cohiba Blue cigar is actually a new line extension to one of the world’s most famous brands – Cohiba. Medium body in strength, Cohiba Blue provides the palate with a natural tobacco sweetness and velvety smooth notes of cocoa, caramel, and cinnamon. with its fancy look, it makes it a great present for a college or a business partner. This is one of those cigars that you may find among golfers at golf clubs. This cigar creates a very rich and complex profile with a wonderful flow of air through the whole cigar.  If you want to enjoy the cigar but thinking about a show off than this may be the cigar for you.  

cohiba dominican cigars

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Product: Cohiba Corona Price: $375 Cheapest Place to Buy: Mikes cigars Extras: Free Super Saver Shipping on two boxes or more This is one of the best Cohiba Dominican cigars. It is a  medium-bodied cigar that will go perfectly with a good drink. The Cohiba Corona features a smooth, creamy, flavorful taste that is quite impossible to forget. Unlike the Cohiba Cuban cigars this one is produced and crafted in the Dominican Republic which makes it the only legal Cohiba allowed in the USA. A long study with intense research was made in order to replicate the original Cuban Cohiba. It took years of patience, research and development to bring it to perfection and eventually, patience paid off. Some may say that the replica overcame the original by producing a better cigar.  The tobacco comes with a special combination that arrived at us from different countries and different parts of the world. It is rolled with a Dominican Republic Cuban-seed fillers holds by exceptional Indonesian binders and dressed in a rich, wholesome and spicy African-Cameroon wrappers. It creates a very rich and complex profile with a wonderful flow of air through the whole cigar.  with the Coiba Corona, you can not go wrong, trust me as you will not be sorry! 

How to choose the right Cigar Cutter

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 A cigar cutter is a must-have tool in your arsenal of accessories. It is the ultimate man’s tool when it comes to cigar smoking. When it comes to cigar cutters than it is all about a quick and accurate cut for the perfect draw. We want to maximize the overall enjoyment and experience by executing a precise cut. Basically, that’s all we need! Once we have chosen the cigar we want to smoke we now need to employ the services of a Cutter. We can choose the perfect cigar and even invest in it a lot of money and then destroy it all by cutting improperly the cigar cap. The method we use in order to clip our cigar can make a significant difference in the intensity of the smoke and the flow of air through it. That influences dramatically on the concentration of the smoke and the flavors you pull through the cigar.

Cigar Humidor Gift Kits

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Alligator 25 Cigar Humidor the Alligator 25 Cigar Humidor Gift Kits is a great gift set for your partner or friend. As this set includes everything you really need including a great stylish and classy look this gift set can also be the classic present to a business partner. This humidor set is a  Spanish Cedar wrapping in your choice of brown or black gator motif leather. It includes an extra of a 5 cigar Humi-Tube, a 2 cigar leather case, 2 humidifiers and a hygrometer. It is available in two different colors with a capacity of up to 20 cigars. Inside you will also find a sharp bladed guillotine cutter to make it all a great all included humidor set. 

One of the best cigar lighter with a punch

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Product: Adorini Jet-flame Lighter black Price: $43-$60 Place to Buy: Cigar Manor Item Weight: 136g Package Dimensions: 10.2 x 10.2 x 3.3 cm Extra: Includes 2 cigar-punches: 6mm and 9mm diameter blade This elegant Jetflame lighter is one of the best cigars lighter with a punch that includes double cigar-punches with 6mm and 9mm diameter blades. Those blades suitable for any cigar size and will do well. The double cigar punch saves you from having multiple tools for one cigar. It has an excellent feel and great stylish look with a black front side and backside on a stainless steel body. However, it can be found also with a silver body from stainless steel.  With its clean-lines and solid feel, it makes it a perfect to-go lighter that gives you both, the look with the right flame. Can easily handle even the largest ring cigars. It ranked pretty high at different cigar journals with great reviews and high recommendation as one of the best cigar lighters you can find online.

IM Corona Double Corona Black Matte Gold Wheel

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Product: IM Corona Double Corona Black Matte Gold WheelPrice: $143Cheapest Place to Buy: Cigar ManorExtras: Extra wide double flame for cigars  A high-class lighter with a great patented dual-flame nozzle that produces wides flame. An outstanding quality and craftsmanship made by Corona with a very smooth flickering of the wheel. The dual flame is pretty awesome that makes it especially useful for bigger ring cigars. Their superior workmanship and materials are made to last a lifetime. It feels nice and holds up really well. If it falls nothing will happen to it.  The IM Corona Double Corona is one of the best available lighters and very reliable. It will not let you down. 

Premium La Cubana Cigar Humidor. One of the best cigar humidor.

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Product: Premium La Cubana Cigar HumidorPrice: $139 Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.comProduct Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.9 x 4.2 inches  A perfect cigar humidor for the office or even to the board room. Simple, classic and not a big one but still one of the cheap humidors. One of those simple things that make it look exclusive and luxurious. Was designed with style and comfort and its faux leather exterior makes it look even more exclusive. As being one of the best cigar humidors you will find this product constantly being covered at the different cigar humidor reviews.  It is a portable humidor. The hygrometer is conveniently placed on the exterior so you can always keep track of the interior humidity. This humidifier keeps cigars safely stored and perfectly preserved for a long time. However, even though it is a high-end cigar humidor you can still find it at a great price. it will perfectly maintain the aroma and the ideal humidity of your cigar collection. I would use this humidor for one brand with one line of cigars. It is a small box and if one will place it in an office than you might want to have the same blend of the cigar throughout all times you […]

AMANCY Cigar Humidor with Humidifier

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Product: AMANCY (Cedar Wood Lined Portable Travel Leather) Cigar Humidor with HumidifierPrice: $24.99 Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.comProduct Dimensions: 7.9 x 3 x 3 inches ; 11.2 ounces Shipping Weight: 12.8 ounces With its elegant and modern design, we get one of the great portable humidors there is. It is one of the world best cigar humidors we could find online and definitely one of the most useful, practical, and quality portable cigar humidor there is. It has a great PU leather covering it all around and giving it a great feeling when holding, a cover that gives a complete protection for its cedar wood that we have inside. However, there is one disadvantage in choosing that portable cigar humidor and its capacity. This cigar humidor can hold only up to 5 cigars at once. It may be very useful for a day or a weekend travel but not for more than that and definitely not for a long travel abroad.Even though it is considered to be made with the best attention care love and materials, this portable humidor should not be used for a long term storage of cigars, but rather be used only as a temp cigar carrying humidor, for going away on short trips. I would also consider […]

Smoothtrack Cigar Cutter

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Product: Smoothtrack Cigar CutterPrice: $648Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.comProduct Dimensions: 4.6 x 1.3 inches ; 2.7 ounces  When we are talking about cigar cutters than we probably talking about the most ultimate tool for the smoker. A cigar cutter must be quick with an accurate cut. there are many types of cigar cutters types from guillotine cutters to punch cutters. When we are looking for a cigar cutter we are looking for something cool and classy, as it takes a roll at the opening stage of the whole smoking experience. This high-tech designed cutter is sharp and quick. If we want our cigar to be smoked properly then we must make sure that not only it was kept in good conditions but also that we are preparing it for a smoke in the right way. If the cigar is not sharp and quick then it might destroy our overall enjoyment. This SmoothTrack Cigar Cutter is high end in every way. The expensive look and its surgical double blades that are extremely sharp, that makes it a top Cigar Cutter.