How to Choose a Good Cigar -Best Cigar for Beginners

What is the Best Cigar for Beginners?

If you consider yourself as a beginner then you might be confused by the hundreds of different cigar brands, not to mention the variety of different lines on each of those brands. So how to choose a good cigar is a not an easy question.

You may face a real problem of how to make the right choice from the thousands of cigars that are available online when searching for the best cigar for beginners.

When searching for the best cigar for beginners, and choosing your first cigar your choice should take into consideration the fact that it is your first time and you should, therefore, aim to a good smoking experience. It is obvious that thing we like or dislike are in most cases will be determined by our first experience, isn't it?

The same story goes with cigars. So if the question is how to choose a good cigar than in such a case my advice to you is to play safe and go with the more big name brands. Cigars making process influences the quality of the cigar and the level of your satisfaction no less than the origin of the tobacco. By choosing one of the good brands or well-known names you are making sure that at least the cigar was made properly.

If you are a beginner then you should consider the Montecristo Sampler for a great variety of strength, flavor, wrappers, shape, and sizes. 

Best Cigar for Beginners
Best Cigar for Beginners
Best Cigar for Beginners

However, it is not enough to pick a great brand and to think that you played safe. each brand has its own line of cigars running from a very light mild once too much more darker and heavier tobacco. for a beginner, I would say that once you picked up your brand then look for the more light bodied cigars. That way you are aiming to a less strong tobacco and will leave you with a taste for more. It will not overcome drinks and food you are having. Vice versa, it will enhance the taste of your drink and will uncover a whole world of enjoyment. But as you first experience try as much as you can to make sure to avoid the full bodied cigars.

Try to look for some of the good brands that offer a quality, mild-bodied smoke like Macanudo, Don Diego, Cuesta Rey, Baccarrat, Montesino, and Licenciados.

But as far as I see it, the best way to take off and try one will be by trying some. If you are not sure which one will be the best for you as your first experience, then why not try them all?

Cigar companies understood that long time ago and they offer some of the great samples that contain a different line of cigars at one pack. By that, you are making sure that your experience will not depend on one-time smoke only but will become an ongoing experience that will lead you to your personal conclusion - what is my favorite cigar is?

However, the Coffee Closeout Sampler is a collection of a medium-bodied array of coffee-flavored cigars and should be great for that first smoke of the day.


Cigar smoking is as much about the experience as it is the tobacco. There’s a reason why cigar lounges are generally cool to hang out in. It’s all about the experience

10 thoughts on “How to Choose a Good Cigar -Best Cigar for Beginners

  1. I agree with what you said at the end that the best way figure out which cigar is right for you is to simply try them.

    That’s how I figured out that I loved Cuban cigars lol. I remember it was a few years ago at a cousin’s wedding in Miami. They gave out free cigars in the middle of the dancing and we all had a good time :).

    1. Well, Ariel, Usually at parties and especially weddings they are giving out for free light mild cigars as they are taking into consideration that not all guests are a cigar smoker, there for they play safe. That’s the right way to make sure that your first experience with cigars will be a good one.

  2. That is a very good question, which is the best Cigar for beginners. It will have to be answered by experience, the person will have to try a few brands to see which one they like. There are quite a lot of brands from the small Tom thumb right up to the expensive Panamas.

    1. That’s true. The best way to know is simply trying few and adjust your taste. We tried to give few hints as to what should you do or what should you choose if it’s your first cigar. you can also find a big variety at

  3. Very interesting article. What would you recommend for a first-time smoker? I have never smoked cigars nor cigarettes and I was worried I might get sick or nauseous. Would you recommend I start off light, or dive in and go bold? Let me know your opinion on the matter. Thank you for the great article!

  4. Although I don’t smoke, this article has useful information for beginners. Like you rightly advised the beginners, that they need to play it safe and go for big brand names, that are well -known. It’s true, those brands have made a name. So, they will try their best to keep their image or brand untarnished. I find this article empowering because after reading it, people are able to make informed decisions .

    1. We each have its own taste and different preferences. All we can do in order to help you choose the right cigar is to give you some hints. we hope we did that.

  5. I am not a cigar smoker or even a cigarette smoker but I find this article interesting. I never would have thought the smoking a cigar could enhance the flavour of a drink. Is there added flavour to the cigar? and I wonder what the difference would be between a cigar and a cigarette other than the size.

    1. Well, Letsret It is just impossible to mention cigar and cigarette at the same time or even in the same sentence. 

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