One of the best cigar lighter with a punch

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Adorini Jet-flame Lighter

Product: Adorini Jet-flame Lighter black

Price: $43-$60

Place to Buy: Cigar Manor

Item Weight: 136g

Package Dimensions: 10.2 x 10.2 x 3.3 cm

Extra: Includes 2 cigar-punches: 6mm and 9mm diameter blade

This elegant Jetflame lighter is one of the best cigars lighter with a punch that includes double cigar-punches with 6mm and 9mm diameter blades. Those blades suitable for any cigar size and will do well. The double cigar punch saves you from having multiple tools for one cigar. It has an excellent feel and great stylish look with a black front side and backside on a stainless steel body. However, it can be found also with a silver body from stainless steel. 

With its clean-lines and solid feel, it makes it a perfect to-go lighter that gives you both, the look with the right flame. Can easily handle even the largest ring cigars. It ranked pretty high at different cigar journals with great reviews and high recommendation as one of the best cigar lighters you can find online.

2 thoughts on “One of the best cigar lighter with a punch

  1. Do you recommend any other brands? I am not sure if this price range is competitive but it seems a little steep. I will say that it seems to be made of high quality materials and functions. Maybe pouring out a little more $ will guarantee a more reliable piece. Thanks for the post

    1. Yes, Joe. we are definitely going to review more products in the coming future, and by the way, you gave me a great idea to write about. thanks 🙂 

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